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Latest Articles

Q&A: How to ensure global access to medicines that work
17 Dec 2018

USP's Dr. Souly Phanouvong shares key recommendations on strengthening and harmonizing regulatory systems around quality-assured medical products — to ensure global access to medicines that actually work.

Q&A: Why knowledge is power when it comes to HIV/AIDS
30 Nov 2018

Ahead of World AIDS Day, Abbott’s Rachel O’Shea explains why people living with HIV/AIDS should "know their numbers," and how they can be enabled to do so even in remote and rural locations.

Turning UK aid into sustainable space projects
28 Nov 2018

The U.K. government is funding a range of satellite initiatives in middle- and low-income countries, from predicting crop pest outbreaks to providing communications in disaster zones. Here’s where the money is going.

Fighting violence against women: From data to action
26 Nov 2018

Tanzania and Vietnam have undertaken vast policy changes to tackle violence against women and girls. Following the International Day to Eliminate Violence Against Women, Devex looks at how development and government actors can turn data on violence into action.

Q&A: How data from time use surveys can tackle inequality
7 Nov 2018

What is the value of data from time use surveys and how might it bring about positive change in terms of gender equality? Marjo Bruun from Statistics Finland explains.

Enabling people, transforming lives with assistive products
25 Oct 2018

The vast majority of people living with disabilities in LMICs do not have access to assistive products that could transform their lives. Devex explores some possible solutions.

Q&A: How to integrate sexual and reproductive health services into broader health agendas
24 Oct 2018

When countries aren't on board with providing all the services within sexual and reproductive health, how can the global health community expect SDG 3 to be achieved? Pathfinder International's Dr. Mengistu Asnake explains.

Q&A: Listening as the key to global health success
16 Oct 2018

How can health practitioners become better listeners on their road to global health success? Medtronic Foundation’s Global Health Director Jess Daly explains.

Q&A: Poor vision as the world's largest unaddressed disability
10 Oct 2018

In a conversation with Devex, Essilor's Jayanth Bhuvaraghan explains why poor vision isn't getting the attention it needs and how action around this unaddressed disability can improve lives and economies.

Q&A: The potential impact of video-based education on health care workers
9 Oct 2018

Thanks to satellite-generated networks, video training via mobile technology can be made available in even the most rural areas of developing countries. These videos have become life-saving teaching tools, giving rural health care workers access to invaluable information at the touch of the button. Devex takes a closer look.