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Latest Articles

Q&A: The changing face of the global palm oil industry
10 Jul 2018

Anita Neville of Golden Agri-Resources sits down with Devex to explain the sustainable transformation this controversial industry has been undergoing in recent years — and why people and communities are at the heart of the new approach.

Q&A: Why beer, wine, and spirits producers need to be at the NCDs table
2 Jul 2018

When thinking of the key players working to address noncommunicable diseases, beer, wine, and spirits producers don't immediately come to mind. Henry Ashworth, CEO of the International Alliance for Responsible Drinking tells Devex why that should change.

Why training pharmaceutical regulatory professionals is key to improving health in Africa
28 Jun 2018

In a quiet corner of Accra, Ghana, one training center is taking on substandard and falsified medicines and, with it, the region’s health outcomes. Reporting from Ghana, Devex investigates.

Q&A: Innovation in integration for health gains
21 Jun 2018

Following the Pfizer Foundation’s funding recommitment in May to an integrated approach to immunization and family planning services, Caroline Roan, the foundation's president, sits down with Devex to explain why the approach is innovative, the gains so far, and how they're not only improving health, but gender parity too.

Tackling the hidden cause of maternal mortality in Nigeria
7 Jun 2018

Life-saving health interventions to improve maternal mortality rates across Africa could find themselves undermined by poor-quality oxytocin, a medicine administered during childbirth to stop maternal hemorrhage. Reporting from Nigeria, Devex explores the solutions to ensuring this critical medicine remains in optimal condition from manufacturer to mother.

Opinion: A call for global action and renewed momentum on epilepsy
10 May 2018

With the World Health Organization’s focus on epilepsy currently set to stall after 2018, urgent action toward renewed momentum is needed at national and global level. In advance of the World Health Assembly in Geneva, we learn more about three essential areas of focus to spark transformative change.

Video: Powering volcano response efforts through tech
8 May 2018

When a volcano erupts, what’s needed to ensure an effective response? Four months after Mount Mayon volcano began erupting, Devex visited the Bicol region in the Philippines to report on the state of relief and evacuation efforts.

Women, Business, and the Law: Biennial check-in on progress and setbacks
26 Apr 2018

One hundred and four economies still prevent women from working jobs on the basis of their sex. Measuring gender equality through law, a biennial report by the World Bank Group demonstrates achievements and shortcomings of women's economic participation around the world. Watch this webinar with Sarah Iqbal, program manager of the Women, Business and the Law project, presenting key findings from the latest report.

Q&A: Out with M&E and in with ME&L
26 Apr 2018

Thanks to new technologies, using data as part of monitoring and evaluation is bringing about new learnings, actionable insights, and is becoming an increasingly important factor in development decision-making. Sitting down with Devex, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of QED Neelima Grover explains why M&E should now be known as ME&L, and gives her top tips for development practitioners.

Q&A: Malaria research efforts open a 'window of opportunity'
25 Apr 2018

Today marks World Malaria Day and in the past week, significant commitments have been made to further the fight against the disease. But exactly how will they impact the next frontier for malaria research and development? Devex sat down with Dr. David Hughes, senior global program head anti-infectives at Novartis, to find out.