Dilek Barlas


Dilek Barlas has been the World Bank Inspection Panel’s executive secretary since July 2014, after serving as deputy executive secretary for seven years. Ms. Barlas has extensive experience in the field of development. A lawyer by training, she joined the World Bank in 1992 and was senior counsel in the bank’s legal vice presidency for Europe and Central Asia. As executive secretary, Ms. Barlas provides strategic support and advice to the panel chairperson and panel members, manages the panel’s secretariat, and maintains relations with internal and external stakeholders.

Latest Articles

Opinion: Lessons from the World Bank Inspection Panel on environmental assessment
4 May 2017

When it comes to evaluating development proposals ahead of making funding decisions, there are key lessons the World Bank can draw upon to improve project effectiveness. Gonzalo Castro de la Mata and Dilek Barlas of the World Bank Inspection Panel, an independent accountability mechanism, detail lessons about environmental assessment that the panel has identified for the bank.