Gail Hurley


Gail Hurley is an advisor and researcher on development finance, currently with UNDP in New York. She has also worked at the European Network on Debt and Development (EURODAD). Gail advises governments on their financing for development strategies, including implementing innovative finance schemes, and works to ensure that more resources are made available for investing in the SDGs.

Latest Articles

Opinion: How incentivizing small tobacco farmers can change livelihoods
8 May 2018

Social impact bonds give tobacco growers an alternate path to health and wealth, writes United Nations Development Programme's Gail Hurley.

Opinion: The pros and cons of ethical debt instruments
4 Sep 2017

Ethical debt instruments could be the innovation we need to fund the Sustainable Development Goals.

Opinion: Global shadow financial system enables the plunder of the world's oceans and seas
26 May 2017

Ahead of the United Nations Ocean Conference, U.N. Development Program Policy Specialist Gail Hurley explores how international finance institutions can support Sustainable Development Goal 14 on ocean conservation.

Big gaps and little money: Why solutions to finance SDGs in LDCs matter
6 Apr 2016

Least developed countries are intrinsically vulnerable to economic and environmental shocks and less able to mobilize and attract the funding needed to implement the 2030 Agenda. As the world seeks "leave no one behind," what financing options might help least developed countries achieve the SDGs? UNDP's Gail Hurley and AFD's Marianne Mensah explore new financing instruments.

Game, set and match: Over and out for the SDGs? Not so fast
23 Sep 2015

The Addis Ababa summit in July revealed that there was no shortage of resource or good ideas on how to finance development. But more money alone is not sufficient; it's a matter of mobilizing those resources.