Gustavo Gonzalez


For more than 20 years, Gustavo has been working in crisis and post-crisis settings, on behalf of a range of international and U.N. organizations. He was appointed UNDP subregional development coordinator, covering Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Egypt, Turkey and Jordan in November 2013. He heads UNDP’s Sub-Regional Facility for the Development Response to the Syrian Crisis located in Amman.

Latest Articles

Mapping a better economic future for refugee communities
25 Aug 2016

Economic opportunities are key to the future and stability of refugees and the countries and communities they live in. In this guest column, Gustavo Gonzalez UNDP's subregional development coordinator for the Syria crisis discusses the research underway to determine what is needed for national capacity building and the creation of growing economies.

Seizing the opportunities
4 Feb 2016

The London conference for Syria and the region is an opportunity to change lives — and aid, writes Gustavo Gonzalez, the UNDP subregional development coordinator, in this guest column.

Opportunities amid challenges for Syria's neighbors
10 Nov 2015

What opportunities exist for increasing private sector involvement in Syria's neighboring countries? Gustavo Gonzalez, UNDP's subregional development coordinator, discusses potential win-win solutions in this exclusive guest commentary.

Lengthening crisis calls for long-term vision
6 Nov 2015

The first Resilience Development Forum will take place next week in Jordan, with the aim of developing a shared vision for tackling the long-term consequences of conflict in Syria. Gustavo Gonzalez, UNDP subregional development coordinator for the Syria crisis, shares his insights in this exclusive guest commentary.

Refugee crisis requires step change in international response
8 Sep 2015

On top of funding a response plan for refugees in their home and host countries, there is also a need for a new global consensus on the responsibilities of nations to the most vulnerable, UNDP subregional development coordinator writes in this guest op-ed.

Syria response underfunded, impacting regional stability
25 Jun 2015

Given the dangers of instability posed by a failure to act on Syria's crisis, why has the international community not contributed sufficiently to this endeavor so far? Gustavo Gonzales, head of UNDP’s Sub-Regional Facility for the Development Response to the Syrian Crisis, asks in this guest commentary.