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Leith Greenslade leads JustActions, a global campaign to mobilize action around ten initiatives with the power to accelerate progress to a more just world rapidly, sustainably and irreversibly. For more information, email leith@justactions.org.

Latest Articles

Breast milk for newborns: A key to sustainable development
1 Aug 2016

With World Breastfeeding Week starting today, it's time for all global and national health authorities to acknowledge the importance of breast milk for sick and vulnerable newborns. Leith Greenslade, chair of the Breastfeeding Innovations Team, provides insight from her work that explain why access to breast milk is critical to achieving the SDGs.

The missing LINC in the newborn survival agenda: Prevention
17 Nov 2015

Tackling the estimated 2.8 million newborn deaths globally will require that health systems fire on all fronts: prevention, diagnosis and treatment, writes Leith Greenslade, vice chair of MDG Health Alliance, in this op-ed on World Prematurity Day.

The specter of segregation haunts global health
26 Feb 2015

Curbing the spread of diseases such as AIDS and malaria represents a major global development success. But emerging evidence shows such single-disease fascination is holding back progress in other areas. An exclusive commentary by FHI 360 CEO Patrick Fine and MDG Health Alliance Vice Chair Leith Greenslade.

How investing in women drives MDG success
19 Aug 2014

Countries that have delivered the greatest gains for women are the star performers of the MDG era. The SDG era must overcome three forces that threaten to derail that progress, Leith Greenslade, vice chair of the MDG Health Alliance, writes in an opinion for #MDGMomentum.

#SheBuilds social businesses — and how we can help
20 Mar 2014

As we finalize a new set of global sustainable development goals, it’s time to pursue inclusive growth that empowers women, writes Leith Greenslade, vice chair at the Office of the United Nations Special Envoy for Financing the Health Millennium Development Goals.