Lorenzo Piccio


Lorenzo is a contributing analyst for Devex. Previously Devex's senior analyst for development finance in Manila, he is currently an MA candidate in international economics and international development at the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies in Washington. Lorenzo holds a bachelor's degree in government and social studies from Wesleyan University.

Latest Articles

World Bank contracts: Who’s winning and where are they going?
14 Apr 2017

Ahead of the World Bank Spring Meetings next week, Devex has reviewed the bank’s database of major contract awards and analyzed the key sectors, regions and other trends in World Bank procurements.

Where they stand: Democrats and Republicans on global development
16 Aug 2016

In just under 90 days, Americans will head to the polls to elect a new president. How might either a Clinton or Trump administration take the ball forward on global development? Devex takes a closer look at the Democratic and Republican party platforms to find out.

USAID's top women-owned contractors
19 May 2016

USAID counts on dozens of women-owned contractors to help carry out its development work around the world. In this exclusive data analysis, Devex ranks USAID’s leading women-owned contractors for fiscal year 2015.

Coal or no coal: A balancing act for MDBs
18 Jan 2016

In the wake of last month's historic climate agreement, MDBs are under greater pressure than ever to eliminate coal completely from their portfolios. But policies and stances differ across the banks. A Devex analysis.

USAID's local spending: 3 key country-level trends
26 Jun 2015

A Devex feature analysis recently found that USAID seems to be off track on its 30 percent local spending target for fiscal 2015. But how are U.S. aid agency missions around the world performing against this target? We take a closer look at the numbers.

Elizabeth Warfield’s vision for USAID Local Solutions
22 Jun 2015

Since Elizabeth Warfield took the helm of USAID Local Solutions nearly two years ago, the principal driver of USAID's aid localization agenda seems to have shifted from 30 percent local spending to '100 percent sustainability.' In this exclusive interview, Devex spoke with Warfield to learn more about her plans for this new phase of Local Solutions.

Behind on 30 percent local spending target, USAID eyes '100 percent sustainability'
22 Jun 2015

USAID Administrator Rajiv Shah set the ambitious target of channeling 30 percent of the agency's funding to local groups by 2015. Now that Shah has left the stage, is USAID still on track to meet this goal? And as USAID sets its sights on "100 percent sustainability," does the agency intend to stay the course on that target beyond this year? A Devex feature analysis.

Breaking down foreign aid engagement with Myanmar
15 Jun 2015

Since 2011, foreign aid to Myanmar has increased dramatically. But how much official development assistance is actually programmable? Which international donors are most active and in which sectors? Devex answers these questions and more in this Executive Member business analysis.

USAID's top small business contractors for 2014
22 May 2015

For only the second year running, USAID has set a worldwide procurement goal for U.S. small businesses — 10 percent of prime contract spending in fiscal 2015. In the latest in our series on top donor agency partners, Devex ranks USAID's 20 largest small business contractors.

Australia's top aid recipients: A (re)pivot to the Pacific
15 May 2015

Deeper analysis of Australia's 2015-16 foreign aid budget reveals a subtle but significant shift in Australian aid dollars to Canberra's neighbors in the Pacific. In 2015-16, the Pacific will claim 45 percent of Australian aid spending — by far, the region's highest share over the past decade.