Manola De Vos


Manola De Vos is a development analyst for Devex. Based in Manila, she contributes to the Development Insider and Money Matters newsletters. Prior to joining Devex, Manola worked in conflict analysis and political affairs for the United Nations, International Crisis Group and the European Union.

Latest Articles

What you need to know about European climate finance
11 Dec 2015

As the world's largest climate finance donor, the European Union plays a pivotal role in shaping how the global community combats climate change. Here's what you need to know about the bloc's contributions to the global finance architecture.

What we can learn from the Somali refugee crisis
30 Nov 2015

All eyes are on Europe as it struggles to find solutions to an ever-growing influx of asylum seekers. But this is not the first refugee crisis the world has faced. Devex takes a closer look at some crucial lessons that we can learn from one of the most challenging protracted refugee situations in the world: Somali refugees living in Kenya.

EU budget 2016: 4 key takeaways
16 Nov 2015

Over the weekend, the European Parliament and the 28 European Union member states reached an agreement on the bloc's spending plans for 2016. Devex take a closer look at the key takeaways of this budget deal for the EU’s aid agenda.

Sida's top NGO partners
6 Nov 2015

Despite being the gatekeepers of Sweden’s civil society support across the globe, many of Sida's framework organizations remain relatively unknown. Who are they, what do they do, and who do they partner with? Devex takes a closer look.

Top European donors: What you need to know
30 Oct 2015

What are the latest trends, priorities and strategies currently driving European aid? Devex takes a closer look at the world's top European donors — including the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Sweden, the Netherlands and Norway — and their plans for the future.

5 'new money' foundations you should know
16 Oct 2015

Rising stars and big names from Wall Street and Silicon Valley are increasingly embracing philanthropy. But tracking down who is doing what is no easy feat. Here are five "new money" foundations we think you should know.

Gates Foundation: 3 emerging funding priorities you should know
12 Oct 2015

From eradicating infectious diseases to ending global hunger, no development challenge seems to big for the Gates Foundation. But which are the ones that are likely to draw increased attention — and funds — from the world's leading philanthropy? Devex dug into the numbers to uncover some of the latest trends driving the Gateses' grant-making.

How to win DFAT funding: Tips for local organizations
2 Oct 2015

In the coming years, Australia's foreign aid budget is expected to shrink down to a historic low. But if you are a local development organization, the cutbacks shouldn't discourage you from seeking funding from the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

GIZ's top consultancy partners for 2014
25 Sep 2015

Opportunities to work with GIZ are on the rise, with the German aid agency awarding a record high of consultancy contracts last year. In the latest of our series on top donor agency partners, Devex ranks GIZ’s leading consultancy partners for 2014.

Operating in post-conflict environments: 4 challenges and how to tackle them
21 Sep 2015

The end of armed violence in a country often opens up new possibilities for development work. But on the ground, the operational challenges that await aid agencies are no less daunting. Devex takes a closer look at some of the most common constraints every organization eager to start working in post-conflict contexts should be aware of.