Musa Okwonga


Musa Okwonga is a journalist, poet, broadcaster, musician, and PR consultant currently based in Berlin, Germany. He has written for several publications, including The Guardian, The New Statesman, ESPN and The New York Times, and is the author of two books on football, the first of which, A Cultured Left Foot, was nominated for the 2008 William Hill Sports Book of the Year. Find out more about his work at

Latest Articles

 Stepping up nontraditional financing for health
29 May 2017

People are living longer, which is placing an unprecedented and unsustainable burden on global health care systems. Devex spoke with leading voices from the health care sector to discuss how funds could be both raised and better used to address this substantial challenge.

#AcrossBorders and destinations: How can we best help refugees on arrival?
14 Mar 2016

The search for sustainable solutions to the plight of refugees continues apace. How can governments, NGOs and the private sector collaborate to assist refugees as they arrive in a new country? In this #AcrossBorders feature, Devex shares lessons learned and discusses the need for a unified response within Europe.

Creative ways to provide education in conflict zones
11 Feb 2016

When people are fleeing war zones, the urge to survive means that some needs are overlooked — one of which is the education of their children. Devex spoke with Creative Associates International, which is doing vital work to address this issue.

Africa's arsenal for economic progress
8 Oct 2015

What are the prospects for rural development in Africa? On the sidelines of the 15th International Economic Forum on Africa in Berlin, Germany, Devex sat down with Mario Pezzini, director of the OECD Development Center, to get the inside track.

Beyond Africa 2015: Toward better rural development in Africa
5 Oct 2015

What is the key for long-term success in Africa? According to discussions at the 15th International Economic Forum on Africa in Berlin, Germany, incentives for private companies and local entrepreneurs might play an increasingly important role.

The Syrian conflict's effect on children
7 Sep 2015

Devex spoke with Carolyn Miles, president and CEO of Save the Children, about her organization's work in Syria and how conflicts and their causes can be more effectively addressed in the future.

In the chaos of crisis, is conflict sensitivity lost?
7 Sep 2015

Sometimes in sudden and devastating crises, the most fundamental elements of a response can be overlooked. Is the development community prioritizing a conflict-sensitive approach?

As German aid budget is set to rise to new highs, NGOs clamor for more
20 Jul 2015

BMZ's draft budget for 2016 is one with a contradiction at its core: Its significantly greater size gives cause for optimism, but its amount still leaves substantial room for improvement.

GAIN — putting nutrition at the heart of #globaldev
16 Jun 2015

How can three broad approaches help make nutrition a higher political priority among different governments and a central element in the post-2015 development agenda? Nutrition experts share their insights in this analysis for the #FutureFortified series.

5 ways #globaldev professionals can ensure a fairer future for women and girls
21 May 2015

How can global development professionals harness the tools of economic empowerment to ensure a fairer — and more prosperous — future for women and girls? The Guttmacher Institute's new CEO weighs in with her top five calls to action.