Mythili Sampathkumar


Mythili Sampathkumar is a New York-based journalist covering development, the U.N., foreign policy, and U.S. politics. Her work has appeared in outlets like The Independent, LA Times, NBC News, Foreign Policy, Vox, and PRI.

Latest Articles

In Nairobi, aid community struggles in wake of ET302 crash
12 Mar 2019

At least 45 aid professionals and international organization staff are believed to have died when Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 crashed on Sunday morning.

UN eyes more help for women entrepreneurs
18 Mar 2015

The so-called clearing house for tenders from multilateral agencies is forging more partnerships to give women-owned businesses in developing countries gain more access to procurement opportunities.

Doing business with the Climate Technology Center and Network
16 Feb 2015

In business for more than a year, this U.N. office provides technical assistance for climate technology projects in developing countries. So how can the private sector get involved? We spoke with the Climate Technology Center and Network's director.

COP20: Final text not good enough for Paris 2015
15 Dec 2014

After two weeks of negotiating in Lima, Peru, delegates from more than 190 U.N. member countries failed to reach a consensus on a global climate agreement strong enough to serve as a foundation for producing the document expected to replace the Kyoto Protocol by next year's climate change summit in Paris.

Climate finance: Not just a matter of semantics
12 Dec 2014

While Australia’s multimillion-dollar pledge to the Green Climate Fund came as a welcome surprise, one question remains for many COP20 participants: How would donor countries define what projects and funding will be classified under climate finance?

COP20: Make or break for developing countries on new climate deal
2 Dec 2014

This year's U.N. Climate Change Conference in Lima, Peru, is seen as a crucial milestone toward ratifying a new global agreement to fight global warming and replace the Kyoto Protocol in 2015. Will progress made on technology transfer be enough to keep the "global south" at the table given the shortfall on funding for adaptation and mitigation?

Partners pledge $413M for clean cookstoves
24 Nov 2014

The Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves seeks $500 million to deliver clean cookstoves to 100 million people by 2020. At the recent conference in New York, public and private sector partners pledged $413 million to help the alliance achieve its goal — and open up business opportunities in the sector.

Cities — the new battleground to fight climate change
24 Sep 2014

As urban areas account for 70 percent of worldwide carbon emissions, the United Nations decided Tuesday to make cities the next front in the struggle against global warming. But how? A new initiative to fund climate-smart urban infrastructure projects hopes to become a game changer.

What to expect from the UN Climate Summit
23 Sep 2014

World leaders, mayors, aid officials and representatives from civil society and the private sector will converge on Tuesday in New York for the U.N. Climate Summit. A few experts consulted by Devex believe not much will be accomplished at a meeting held outside of official UNFCC channels.