Natalie Donback


Natalie Donback is an editorial associate and reporter at Devex. She holds a bachelor's degree in development studies from Lund University and a master's in journalism. She has worked in documentary filmmaking and as a freelance journalist covering politics and culture in Swedish, English, and Spanish. She is now based in Barcelona and produces content for digital content series and media partnerships.

Latest Articles

Video: Going beyond the financing role of the private sector in health
19 Feb 2019

Mary-Ann Etiebet from MSD for Mothers explains why the private sector's role in development work has to move beyond financing.

Video: Data and digital innovation to improve maternal health care quality
14 Dec 2018

At Prescription for Progress, a Devex Bay Area event exploring the hurdles of bringing global health innovations to scale, we caught up with Mark Allen, MSD for Mothers’ director of strategic partnerships, on how digital innovation can improve the provision of quality health care.