Patrick Fine


Patrick Fine is the chief executive officer of FHI 360. Prior to joining the organization, he served as the vice president for compact operations at the Millennium Challenge Corp. He was also the senior vice president of the Global Learning Group at the Academy for Educational Development from 2006 to 2010.

Latest Articles

Opinion: Trickle-down health care
16 Nov 2016

Do investments in private hospitals and clinics catering to the wealthy strengthen primary health care systems in poor countries? FHI 360 CEO Patrick Fine explains why we need focus on preventive and primary care and not allow expensive curative systems from consuming the lion's share of public health budgets for the benefit of a small minority of the population.

Does epidemic control inadvertently reinforce inequality?
15 Sep 2016

There is an irrefutable logic to concentrating resources on the areas where HIV is worst — especially the case when the goal is to prevent the spread of the disease. But FHI 360 CEO Patrick Fine asks, is this approach inadvertently reinforcing social and economic inequality?

Why we shouldn't be working ourselves out of a job
12 Jul 2016

Building resilience is a long-term endeavor that requires ongoing commitment. It's not an end state. FHI 360 CEO Patrick Fine explains why now is the time to recognize that human development challenges will exist as long as there are humans.

Achieving USAID's 30 percent local spending goal
23 Nov 2015

Five years after the launch of USAID Forward, now is a good time to look at the trade-off between greater use of local organizations to build long-term capacity and the generation of near-term results that respond to the strategic priorities of least-developed countries and donor governments, writes Patrick Fine, chief executive officer of FHI 360.

The age of integration
19 Oct 2015

How do we operationalize an integrated development agenda? In this exclusive guest commentary, FHI 360's Patrick Fine, CEO, and Tricia Petruney, technical adviser for research utilization and integrated development, discuss the practicalities: what to do, how to do it and how to pay for it.

It's time we broaden the definition of country ownership
13 Jul 2015

Despite country ownership being one of the central tenets of the aid effectiveness agenda, we have never adequately reconciled the concept of ownership with the need for a country to be accountable for its policies. Let's hope the discussions in Addis address that, FHI 360's CEO writes in this exclusive commentary.

Cognitive dissonance in the development community
28 May 2015

The more we put development resources into stovepiped mechanisms, the more difficult it will be to finance integrated programs, FHI 360's chief executive officer writes in the exclusive commentary.

The specter of segregation haunts global health
26 Feb 2015

Curbing the spread of diseases such as AIDS and malaria represents a major global development success. But emerging evidence shows such single-disease fascination is holding back progress in other areas. An exclusive commentary by FHI 360 CEO Patrick Fine and MDG Health Alliance Vice Chair Leith Greenslade.

Let's get real in Addis: The high cost of people-centered development
29 Jan 2015

At this July's financing-for-development summit in Addis Ababa, world leaders will be tempted to trumpet the role of business. That focus is misguided, writes FHI 360 CEO Patrick Fine in this guest commentary.