Simone Filippini


Simone Filippini is CEO of Cordaid, the main Dutch development organization, since July 2013. A former diplomat, Filippini describes herself as a passionate, unconventional broker who takes a business approach to the nonprofit sector.

Latest Articles

Women's equality and inclusive peace need to move beyond talk
30 Mar 2016

Women's equality and political participation are essential to peace, security and global stability, but to move forward we need to leave the rhetoric behind and focus on implementation and funding on the ground, argues Cordaid's Simone Filippini in this guest column.

Where is the consolidated plan for Syria?
4 Feb 2016

Ensuring that billions of euros in emergency relief are available is not enough — we need to make sure that local aid workers can do their courageous work properly, says Cordaid's Simone Filippini, in this op-ed. As the Syria donors conference kicks off in London, what can the international community do?

Strong leadership is the antidote to fear
26 Nov 2015

Politicians lack the necessary leadership and vision to generate lasting solutions to support refugees in Europe, writes Cordaid CEO Simone Filippini in this op-ed.

SDGs: A real turning point or just impressive words on paper?
25 Sep 2015

While a great deal has been achieved through the Millennium Development Goals the targets have not been met, writes Simone Filippini, CEO of Cordaid in this exclusive commentary. Will the sustainable development goals be any different?

Lesbos: the collapse of European asylum policy
14 Sep 2015

Today's refugee crisis requires more determination, greater vision and more solidarity, Cordaid CEO Simone Filippini says, calling on Europe to address the root of conflict and practice generosity in it's treatment of asylum seekers.

Can Addis be the Lion's Mound for fragile states?
8 Jul 2015

In Addis Ababa, world leaders and the global donor community have the chance to earmark development finance for peace and state-building goals and distribute them fairly, including in forgotten fragile countries, Cordaid's CEO writes in this exclusive commentary.

How to eradicate poverty? Peace, stability and equality
22 Nov 2013

When policymakers gather next week in Brussels for the European Development Days, they should keep in mind that we will never eradicate poverty without first addressing conflict, fragility and inequality. But… how? A guest opinion by Cordaid CEO Simone Filippini.