Sophie Bader


Sophie Bader is a journalist covering global health based in South Asia. She recently completed a master's of public health and writes frequently for The Lancet and The Guardian.

Latest Articles

In India, can universal health care become a reality?
4 Sep 2018

India's ambitious National Health Protection Scheme, dubbed "Modicare," could see half a billion people receive health coverage — a key Sustainable Development Goal. Can the largest government health care scheme in the world make it off the ground?

The birthing mat that helps save women's lives
10 Jul 2018

The Q-Mat indicates when a woman is experiencing dangerous levels of postpartum hemorrhage and needs to be immediately treated. But one of the main challenges to the innovation's effectiveness is the lack of expertise in treating PPH at many small facilities.

India turns to the private sector to bring health care to underserved areas
27 Jun 2017

At a government hospital in the northern Indian state of Haryana, a public-private partnership is working to bring high-end diagnostic services to those who previously couldn't afford it, or lacked access. It's here where technology is enabling the state's best radiologists to connect with patients in far-flung areas. 

Is incentive-based pay for India's community health workers working?
27 Jun 2017

India's 800,000-strong community health workforce has been vital to achieving crucial improvements in maternal and child health. But advocates worry their payscales are incentivizing family planning choices that aren't always in patients' interests.

India turns to private sector to boost health coverage
1 May 2017

India's new National Health Policy lets the government strategically purchase care from the private sector when government facilities can't provide. The plan is aimed at reaching universal health coverage of the country's 1.2 billion people, but advocates fear gaps will persist in rural and underserved areas.