Teresa Welsh


Teresa Welsh is a Reporter with Devex based in Washington, D.C. Prior to joining Devex, Teresa wrote about Latin America from McClatchy's Washington Bureau and covered foreign affairs for U.S. News and World Report. She worked as a reporter in Colombia, where she previously lived teaching English. Teresa earned bachelor of arts degrees in journalism and Latin American studies from the University of Wisconsin.

Latest Articles

CERF: The fund that functions 'like the ambulance for the UN'
19 Apr 2019

"What CERF does best is get there very early," explains Lisa Doughten, who oversees operations of the U.N.'s Central Emergency Response Fund.

Cash transfers debate in Colombia complicates Venezuela response
18 Apr 2019

NGOs and the U.N. are eager to use cash transfers in the humanitarian response to the Venezuela crisis, but the Colombian government has misgivings.

Tony Blair on DFID's future after Brexit
12 Apr 2019

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, who launched the Department for International Development in 1997, told Devex the agency can remain a major global development play even after Brexit.

Venezuela 'most worsened' country in 2019 fragile states index
11 Apr 2019

The country is tied for "most worsened" country in the index, which measures risk and vulnerability in 178 countries.

Central America aid will be conditional, Mike Pompeo says
10 Apr 2019

The Trump administration will provide a set of requirements to El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras before the U.S. will consider resuming foreign assistance, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Tuesday.

China could play a role in World Bank reengagement with Venezuela
8 Apr 2019

The World Bank has positioned a country director for Colombia and Venezuela in Bogotá with an eye on eventual reengagement. But first, there’s the issue of Venezuela’s sizeable debt to foreign creditors.

'Rescission by another name.' Trump move sparks questions for implementers
3 Apr 2019

The Trump administration's announcement of cuts to Central America foreign assistance is raising a lot of questions. An analysis of top implementers and funding by sectors shows which organizations will potentially be impacted.

Aid groups adapt services to meet needs of Venezuelans on the move
29 Mar 2019

Many of the people who are now fleeing Venezuela's economic crisis are making the journey into Colombia and beyond by foot. This mobile and vulnerable population poses an evolving challenge for NGOs attempting to meet their needs along the way.

Don't underestimate scale of Venezuela migration crisis, World Bank director says
27 Mar 2019

The World Bank director for Colombia and Venezuela urges U.S. and European actors to realize that the crisis is "more dramatic in numbers, deeper, bigger" than migration challenges affecting Europe, Lebanon, or Jordan today.

What happens when a DFI project goes wrong?
26 Mar 2019

Devex looks at four projects funded by development finance institutions that harmed host communities, and how lessons learned helped lead to a change in safeguards and accountability measures.