Teresa Welsh


Teresa Welsh is a reporter with Devex based in Washington, D.C. Prior to joining Devex, Teresa wrote about Latin America from McClatchy's Washington Bureau and covered foreign affairs for U.S. News and World Report. She worked as a reporter in Colombia, where she previously lived teaching English. Teresa earned bachelor of arts degrees in journalism and Latin American studies from the University of Wisconsin.

Latest Articles

UNHCR balances interests in response to Trump asylum policy
16 Nov 2018

UNHCR must walk a fine line between speaking up for the rights of refugees, migrants, and asylum seekers, while not alienating its largest donor.

USAID, Corteva sign memorandum as part of private sector engagement strategy
14 Nov 2018

USAID and Corteva Agriscience have signed a five-year partnership for Africa, which includes efforts targeted at Fall armyworm, and is a part of the agency's private sector engagement strategy.

Q&A: Scaling Up Nutrition head Gerda Verburg
13 Nov 2018

Country-led efforts are the best way to eliminate hunger and improve global nutrition, says the coordinator of the Scaling Up Nutrition Movement, Gerda Verburg.

El Salvador's repatriation center has become a regional model for return migration
12 Nov 2018

El Salvador's facility to process returnees has become a model for other regional governments that also repatriate a large volume of citizens.

Q&A: Allow employees to make mistakes
2 Nov 2018

Santiago Levy, former vice president of sectors and knowledge at the Inter-American Development Bank, says it's vital to "support people when things did not work."

Q&A: World Food Prize laureate Nabarro on nutrition and conflict
30 Oct 2018

Dr. David Nabarro sat down with Devex following his World Food Prize win to discuss how conflict has an adverse impact on child nutrition and the troubling rise in obesity as a form of malnutrition.

Q&A: World Food Prize laureate Lawrence Haddad on how to 'clamor' for nutrition
29 Oct 2018

Lawrence Haddad sat down with Devex to talk about why nutrition is a diplomacy and defense issue, and how he’s going to use his platform as a laureate to promote the global nutrition agenda.

Central American 'caravan' shows changing realities of migration
24 Oct 2018

The movement through Central America into Mexico toward the U.S. border marks a change in how people are fleeing violence.

US ambassador to El Salvador contradicts Trump on aid
23 Oct 2018

Ambassador Jean Manes said the U.S. government remains committed to the Alliance for Prosperity and addressing root causes of migration in Central America as President Donald Trump threatens to cut off aid.

Nutrition gets a moment at the World Food Prize as global hunger rises
22 Oct 2018

As global hunger is on the rise, Lawrence Haddad and Dr. David Nabarro won the 2018 World Food Prize for their work in elevating the importance of nutrition within the first 1,000 days of life.