Tessie San-Martin


Tessie San Martin is a co-chair of the Modernizing Foreign Assistance Network and president and CEO of Plan International USA.

Latest Articles

Opinion: It's time to build a new US agency for global development
27 Jul 2017

The Modernizing Foreign Assistance Network envisions a new United States agency to take the reigns of development assistance efforts.

Opinion: Doubling down on failure
18 May 2017

"At the heart of our success in development there have been plenty of failures," says Plan U.S. Chief Executive Officer Tessie San Martin.

How the SDGs have changed global development jobs
20 Jul 2016

International civil society entities such as Plan have an important role to play in in the SDG journey, here in the U.S. and elsewhere. But the SDGs changed the game for all of us. Remaining relevant requires we give up control so that we may effectively empower others.

For more sustainable development, commit to locally led solutions
9 Apr 2015

U.S. aid agencies have started down the path toward localization, but what will it take to finish the job? Tessie San Martin, CEO of Plan International USA, weighs in on locally-led solutions in our #Reform4Results series, in partnership with the Modernizing Foreign Assistance Network.