Vaughn Graham


Vaughn F. Graham is an expert in aid and development programming. He specializes in modeling development effectiveness at the country and sectoral levels. He has worked on programs supported by various bilateral and multilateral partners who do work throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. A Jamaican national, he has significant experience working in government, teaching undergraduate and postgraduate programs, being a peer reviewer for leading academic journals on development, and also doing consultancy work. He attended the University of the West Indies, Mona, as well as completed doctoral qualifications in international development at the University of Birmingham, on account of being awarded a U.K. Commonwealth Scholarship in 2010.

Latest Articles

Are developing country institutions a help or a hindrance to post-2015 financing?
11 Sep 2015

If post-2015 development financing is to remove the ring fences and direct aid flows toward meeting the sustainable development goals, then we are still at the mercy of developing country institutions. Are developing country legislative frameworks compatible with initiatives such as blended finance?

Toward Addis and a long, hot summer ahead
11 May 2015

While there are no quick fixes or easy solutions, the opportunity exists to broaden the global financing for development agenda, turning erstwhile tax avoidance into sustainable development financing, writes aid expert Vaughn Graham in this guest commentary.