Burch: US Needs Allies in Effort to Spread Democracy and Peace

The United States cannot shoulder the task of preserving democracy and liberty in conflict-torn countries given its limited resources, William Burch of the Stimson Center argues, citing Iraq and Afghanistan as proof.

Burch is a senior associate and co-director of the Future of Peace Operations Program at the Henry L. Stimson Center. He suggests the U.S. should seek the assistance of allies and international organizations, particularly the United Nations, to accomplish the task - and win back the respect of other countries.

Burch specifies that U.S. President Barack Obama should consider policies that would affirm the U.S. commitment to the United Nations' goals of preserving human rights and human dignity. He adds that the U.S. should back its votes in the U.N. Security Council with strong diplomatic support, political assistance, and prompt follow-through of financial commitments.

The United States, according to Burch, should also help strengthen U.N. peacekeeping offices as well as provide temporary military support to U.N. operations in troubled countries.

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  • Ivy Mungcal

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