Careers in climate change: What you need to know

By Ma. Eliza Villarino 15 March 2016

A scientist during a field visit at a climate smart village in Ludhiana, India. What do you need to know about exploring a career in climate change? Photo by: Leo Sebastian / IRRI-CCAFS / CC BY-NC-SA

The next couple of years may be considered a golden age for climate work. The milestone Paris agreement identifies an action plan for all parties — not just developed countries — to limit emissions and advance climate change mitigation and adaptation. For international development, that means related issues will increasingly be integrated into core programming.

There will also be a growing demand for people with the skills to do the job.

“At the end of the day, the demand will of course be a factor of the money that will be invested,” Jo Scheuer, director of climate change and disaster risk reduction at the U.N. Development Program, told Devex.

The climate pact signed in December indicates that an increasing amount of international resources will flow toward national-level initiatives, which could prompt organizations to boost their roster of local experts to remain relevant.

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