Careers in global development education: What you need to know

Students put up their hands to answer a teacher's question during an adult literacy course in a classroom at the Gaga refugee camp in eastern Chad. What does it take to land a job in global education? Photo by: F. Noy / UNHCR / CC BY-SA

Much progress has been made in the field of global education since the launch of the Millennium Development Goals in 2000. Literacy rates in developing countries are rising steadily for both adults and youth, and in primary education, in particular, enrollment is at 91 percent while gender parity has also almost been achieved.

Despite these advances, however, there is still much work to be done. More than 100 million young people — 60 percent of whom are women — still lack basic literacy skills, and 57 million children — more than half of whom live in sub-Saharan Africa — remain unenrolled.

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  • Liana Barcia

    Liana is a former Manila-based reporter at Devex focusing on education, development finance, and public-private partnerships.