Congo River Development

      The Congo River is navigable by seagoing break-bulk ships from the Atlantic Ocean past Banana and Boma to Matadi. Rapids prevent any river navigation between Matadi and Kinshasa, but workable road and rail links are available. From Kinshasa to Kisangani there are 1 734 kms of navigable river, with 9 main tributaries, navigable by shallow draft boats of up to 300 tons cargo capacity. The remants of shipyards, quays, jetties, repairyards, and much potential for maintenance, shipping agencies, stevedores, dredging, control and other marine related industries abound. Small co-operatives between villages and larger towns such as Lisala, Bumba and Mbandaka could allow small farmers to grow rubber, coffee, palm oil and small craft enterprises - for processing and distribution via the Congo River. Interested parties are invited to contact Dir. Roger Kaki Kebakentane, the Director of Shipping and Ports, Congo River at ONATRA, via Pierre Dianda at or directly via 00 243 99 990 5669 or 00 243 81 990 5669.

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