Crowdfunding is the new face of consumer fundraising

By Adva Saldinger 29 October 2015

Devin Thorpe, author and Forbes contributor, sat down with Devex Impact associate editor Adva Saldinger to discuss the role of crowdfunding in polio eradication and how organizations can leverage the platform.

From Rotary’s fight to eradicate polio to any number of other global challenges, crowdfunding will be part of the equation. “It’s just the way that consumer fundraising is done these days,” Devin Thorpe, author and Forbes contributor told Devex in this video.

Large organizations must find a way to leverage the platform to distribute to the consumers the responsibility and opportunity to raise funds for the organization, he added.

“The potential is huge,” Thorpe said.

Watch the clip above to learn examples of organizations and individuals successfully using the platform.

Ending a Global Disease is a conversation hosted by Devex, in partnership with Rotary International, to explore successes in the fight against polio and identify lessons that can be applied to overcoming other global diseases. Visit the campaign site and  join the conversation using #endpolio.

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