Representatives from donors and various governments will converge in Washington from April 14 to April 15 to hold talks on the proposed investment scheme to help poor countries deal with climate change. “The aim of this meeting is to work out details of how to provide new concessional financing to projects that will have a transformational impact in developing countries struggling with climate change,” according to Katherine Sierra, World Bank Vice President for Sustainable Development. “Issues of fund governance and linkages with other partners, such as those in the UN family, will be discussed. The World Bank Group has been asked to facilitate this process, and we are doing that in conjunction with donor and client countries, other Multilateral Development Banks, the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), as well as other stakeholders such as the private sector,” she added. (Press Release: Design Meeting for Climate Change Investment Funds to Take Place in Washington April 14/15/World Bank)

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