Devex explores some innovative examples of new solutions and partnerships that help build resilience to flooding. Via YouTube

Flooding is one of the most serious climate-related hazards. It affects around 250 million people each year, causing more economic and human losses than any other kind of natural hazard. And by 2060 it’s predicted that more than 1 billion people are likely to be living in cities in danger of catastrophic flood events.

As news emerges that the Paris climate agreement could be under threat, the need for new ideas to help vulnerable communities become more resilient to flooding has never been more urgent.

There's no one-size-fits-all answer to building resilience. But innovation is proving to be one of the keys to success. From enhancing natural and man-made infrastructure to waterproofing crops, there are countless different examples of resilience in action across the globe.

In this DevExplains video, we break down what flood resilience is, why it matters, and explore some truly innovative examples of new solutions and partnerships that could help.

Take a look at Global Resilience Partnership’s Water Window finalists here. What other innovations could help communities become more resilient? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

#WaterWindow is an online conversation to amplify the discussion on flood resilience. Devex, together with its partners the Global Resilience Partnership and Zurich Insurance Group, aims to shine a light on innovative solutions to tackle the issues faced by communities worldwide. Join us. 

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