DfID's top private sector partners for 2015

In partnership with the government of Ethiopia with Maxwell Stamp as lead management agent, the DfID-funded Finote Hiwot program is helping at least 37,500 adolescent girls, and indirectly many more, to avoid child marriage in Ethiopia. Photo by: Jessica Lea / DFID / CC BY

In early December, the U.K. Department for International Development published its Bilateral Development Review, the first of its kind since 2011. The document highlighted several key policies including an increased focus on using the payment by results method. In practical terms, this means that DfID’s partners will only receive their share of funding after achieving specific program milestones. Between April 2015 and March 2016, a total of 748 million pounds ($947 million), or 74 percent of all new centrally-produced contracts was paid out through this method.

While this measure is seen as a means to improve the efficiency and overall performance of implementing partners by incentivizing the achievement of program objectives, many small and medium-sized organizations have voiced their concerns, stating that they lack the capacity to finance their initiatives upfront without DfID’s support.

In the same report, DfID also stated that it will depart from providing general budget support in favor of more targeted financing. As the U.K. aid agency gears up for the next chapter in providing development assistance, it is not unlikely that there will be more shifts in the way it delivers aid.

Below, Devex ranks DfID’s biggest private sector partners in 2015 based on their own published data. Many of the organizations on this year’s list also made last year’s rankings, with the exception of Palladium and MSI. This year, PricewaterhouseCoopers takes the top spot, receiving 92 million pounds, followed by Adam Smith International with 80 million pounds. DAI and its affiliate organizations moves up to the third spot, while Palladium, the conglomerate of GRM International, Futures Group, Palladium Group, Development and Training Services, HK Logistics and the CARANA Corporation enters the list with the fourth highest amount of funding. Crown Agents, meanwhile, closes out the top five with 64 million pounds. This amount includes a 35 million pound joint venture with Triple Line Consulting.

Due to security concerns, DfID has excluded all transactions with Afghanistan, which received 125 million pounds in project funding for fiscal 2015-2016. Financial intermediaries, such as banks and trusts, are also excluded from our ranking.

1. PricewaterhouseCoopers
Founded: 1998
Headquarters: London, United Kingdom
Chairman: Robert E. Moritz
DfID Funding: 92 million pounds

2. Adam Smith International
Founded: 1992
Headquarters: London, United Kingdom
Executive Chairman: William Morrison
DfID funding: 80 million pounds

3. DAI
Founded: 1970
Headquarters: Bethesda, Maryland, United States, and London, United Kingdom
President and CEO: James Boomgard
DfID funding: 73 million pounds

4. Palladium
Managing Director and CEO: Kim Bredhauer
DfID funding: 71 million pounds

5. Crown Agents
Founded: 1833
Headquarters: London, United Kingdom
CEO: David Richardson
DfID funding: 64 million pounds

6. Mott MacDonald Group
Founded: 1989
Headquarters: London, United Kingdom
Chairman: Keith Howells
DfID funding: 37 million pounds

7. Oxford Policy Management
Founded: 1996
Headquarters: Oxford, United Kingdom
Managing director: Simon Hunt
DfID funding: 35 million pounds

Founded: 1987
 Amstelveen, the Netherlands
Chairman: John Veihmeyer
DfID funding: 31 million pounds

9. IMC Worldwide
Headquarters: Redhill, United Kingdom
Managing Director: Gavin English
DfID funding
: 27 million pounds

10. International Procurement Agency
Founded: 1981
 Bussum, the Netherlands
DfID funding: 25 million pounds

11. MSI
Founded: 1981
Headquarters: Arlington, Virginia, United States
President: Keith Brown
DfID funding: 23 million pounds

12. Abt Associates
Founded: 1965
Headquarters: Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States
President and CEO: Kathleen Flanagan
DfID funding: 16 million pounds

13. Maxwell Stamp
Founded: 1959
 London, United Kingdom
DfID funding: 15 million pounds

14. Air Partner
Headquarters: London, United Kingdom
DfID funding: 13 million pounds

15. IPE Global Private Limited
Founded: 1998
Chairman: Sunil Mitra
Headquarters: New Delhi, India
DfID funding: 9 million pounds

Ma. Karen Brutas contributed reporting.

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