Dutch Government to Assist Vietnam in Agriculture and Sustainable Development

Devex Early Intelligence has learned from the Royal Netherlands Embassy in Vietnam that it is pursuing agriculture and sustainable development initiatives in the country.

Various activities such as technical assistance and capacity building are being conducted, in support of the National Target Plan on Climate Change. The Vietnamese government will approve this plan soon, says an embassy official.

Public private partnerships are also under way in the areas of fisheries, cocoa and coffee products, water for food and ecosystems. These PPPs intend to develop Vietnam's agriculture sector. Trade and investment partnerships between Dutch and Vietnamese companies are also stimulated through the Program for Cooperation with Emerging Markets.

The Dutch government integrates its development assistance in Vietnam by combining the efforts of the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality; Ministry of Economics; Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management; and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In Africa and other Asian countries, the Dutch government is also prioritizing agricultural development, in light of the food crisis and the agriculture for development agenda included in the 2008 World Development Report.

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  • Mara Yasmin Baviera

    Mara Baviera is a young researcher working in the Early Intelligence Team in Devex. Before joining the organization, she worked as a research assistant in various projects on human security, decision-making and economic development in the Philippines and trade negotiations. Her areas of interest include political economy, trade and development.