Engaging the private sector for better health care delivery

Jan Willem Scheijgrond, head of partnerships at Philips, tells Devex how the private sector can be engaged for better health care delivery.

How can the private sector help ensure better health care delivery in areas that need it most?  

For private-public partnerships to flourish and develop, we need to realize that we all have something to contribute. While companies such as Philips can offer scale and innovation, for example, community engagement is essential.

“We need the trust of the communities, and that’s where NGOs come in,” said Jan Willem Scheijgrond, head of partnerships at Philips, in an interview with Helen Morgan, Devex global development reporter, at Women Deliver in May.

Watch the video above for more from Scheijgrond on how different actors can come together to provide the innovations that are needed within a community, and how infrastructure can be better supported to help improve supply chains.

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