EU Bid for More UN Rights Gets Delayed

The European Union's bid to gain more U.N. rights met opposition from other regional blocs. Photo by: EU

The European Union’s bid to have more rights at the U.N. recently suffered a setback following the protests of other regional blocs.

Opposition to giving EU additional rights at the U.N. is led by blocs from the developing world, including the African Union and Caribbean Community. These blocs argue that it is unfair to grant the EU additional rights without giving all other regional blocs the same privileges, according to the EUobserver.

U.N. member countries voted 76 to 71, with 26 abstentions, to delay the consideration of a U.N. General Assembly resolution that would give the EU rights to submit amendments, make proposals, circulate documents and raise points of orders, among others.

The EU currently only holds observer status at the international body, which means delegates of the bloc sit on the sidelines during U.N. meetings and not in the chamber alongside full-fledged U.N. member states. The Arab League and the Red Cross hold similar observer status.

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