EU Socialists push for direct Palestinian aid

Members of the European Parliament’s Socialist Group called for a resumption of direct aid to the Palestinian government, ending a year-long embargo imposed by the international community. “There must be immediate release of financial resources to safeguard the existence of Palestine,” said Martin Schulz, leader of the E.U.’s 217-member Socialist bloc, the second largest in the parliament. “Anybody who refuses this is neither constructive nor humane,” he reasoned, urging the E.U. support for the Hamas-Fatah alliance as long as it “keeps to its promises of opposing violence and supporting the peace process”. Twelve E.U. lawmakers who visited the Palestinian territories this month also appealed for an end to the restrictions. The Quartet of Middle East peace brokers – the United States, Russia, the United Nations and the European Union – have insisted that the unity government first recognize Israel, renounce violence and honor existing peace agreements before the aid suspension can be lifted. (Source: EU MPs urge restart of direct aid to Palestinians/Reuters)

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