Filling the gap: How to build your resume while unemployed

What are the best activities to include on your resume that gets you the job you want? Photo by: Devex

You’ve just graduated from college with an international relations degree or finished your master’s degree, and are yearning to land your dream job in global development. Or perhaps you’re a seasoned professional in between jobs after funding dried up at the nongovernmental organization where you were employed.

What are the best ways to fill your time — and the best activities to include on your resume — while you look for that perfect position?

The possibilities for how you can spend your time might appear endless, although your options depend to a certain degree on your financial situation. Choices include volunteering, taking classes, temping in an office or working in a service role, such as waitressing or retail.

What looks best to a recruiter? Experts says the ideal practice is to think about what kind of development job you eventually want to have, then examine your resume to see if a familiarity with something is missing. For example, you might have the right skillset for a job, but you haven’t yet worked for a development organization.

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This article was last updated on 14 November 2017

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