Gaining Fundraising Savvy

Marketing expert Ned Roberto said viral marketing is a potent tool to pull of fundraising, a business of changing minds. Leading practitioners in the field gave advises during the 3rd Fundraising Congress in Manila. Photo by: Venture for Fundraising

MANILA, Philippines - Phrases such as "at a click of the mouse" and "at a push of a button" demonstrate the almost instantaneous speed, and sometimes the indiscriminate manner, messages are spread through the internet or mobile phones, two of today's most ubiquitous technological tools.

Many fundraising experts, however, advise nonprofit organizations against using spam-like tactics in creating awareness about their cause and generating donations as these might produce ill will instead.

Leading practitioners in the fields of donor service, fundraising, marketing and communication and more than 200 participants from non-governmental organizations gathered at the 3rd Fundraising Congress in Manila in September. The biennial event was organized by Venture for Fundraising.

How will a message stand out in a virtual flood of messages? Experts suggested using viral marketing techniques, which involves exploiting social networks and encouraging people to pass along messages voluntarily. It is essentially a word-of-mouth process used effectively in mobile and online platforms.

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