Georgia to Conclude Negotiations on the Protection of Geographical Indications

      by Wojtek Szpociński

      Under the agreement, protection will be granted to Geographical Indications (Protected designation of origin, PDO and protected geographical indication, PGI and Traditional Speciality Guaranteed,TSG) originating from Georgia on the EU market, similarly the European foodstuffs & products enjoying the geographical status will be protected in Georgia.

      The initial protection granted to 18 wine appellations originating from Georgia, such as Khvanchkara, Tvishi, Kindzmarauli, Saperavi, Mukuzani, and others, could be of stimulus and example for the application of this kind of protection in other categories of products & food stuffs.

      It might also encourage the development of new initiatives for tourism and the launch of new local marketing strategies. The agreement introduces a mechanism for updates & regular consultations, which will be of particular utility when it comes to inclusion of new products on the list of the Geographical Indications. Two traditional meat sheep breeds - Colchis and Tushetian and a dozen of regional cheese,fruit and spiritsvarieties could follow. 

      NOTE: the Agreement will have to be signed & submitted for the approval of the respective legislative authorities before its final entry into force. Hopefully the pending ratification will escape a fate of SPS measures repeal case.

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