GFA: ‘Creating opportunities, innovation, trust in international development consulting’

    Girls participate in one of GFA's vocational education and training programs in Egypt. GFA experts help establish and operate seven enterprise training partnerships for building and construction, tourism, chemical, leather goods, media, and ICT industries. Photo by: GFA

    GFA was selected as a Devex Top 40 Development Innovator based on a poll of thousands of global development professionals who are part of Devex, the largest network of aid and relief workers in the world.

    Announced on April 18, Devex Top 40 Development Innovators is an impressive listing of the world’s leading donor agencies & foundations, development consulting companies, implementing NGOs, and advocacy groups.

    We asked each of the Innovators four questions to learn how they stay ahead to the curve and tackle old development challenges in new ways. GFAManaging Director Klaus Altemeier responded:

    ‘Creating opportunities, innovation, and trust in international development consulting in over 130 countries since 1982’

    If you had to condense it to just one or two sentences, overall, what is it that makes your organization innovative?

    The steady influx of scientific developments through our young professional program and action-oriented working groups results in new management instruments and an emphasis on impact monitoring.

    Can you provide a specific example of something your organization has done that is particularly innovative?

    For years, GFA has been active in climate change projects, particularly regarding financial investments in renewable energies and REDD. Many clients rely also on our tailor-made IT products.

    Looking ahead 10 years, what are some of the innovations in international development that your organization wants to be a part of?

    GFA would like to see itself as a leader in the international development debate on environmental protection, green growth, public financial management and related-sector governance issues.

    One factor in driving innovation at any organization is the talent you hire and the partnerships you make. How does your organization take into account innovation when it comes to cultivating talent and partners?

    Innovations and change often face obstacles in working environments. GFAtherefore offers its staff both theoretical advanced training and practical project experience.

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