Global development recruiters share their top CV advice

Recruiters share their top pieces of CV advice.

A CV is a reflection of how a person might behave, according to Jon Herstein, international human resources operations director and HR business partner for RTI International.

“When I see 10 different fonts, when I see lots of nonessential extraneous jargon, I get the impression of the person that they might not be terribly focused,” he told Devex at the Career Forum in Washington.

With record numbers of applicants seeking jobs in the development field, preparing an effective resume is all the more essential, so Devex asked recruiters what their one key piece of advice was when it comes to getting a CV right.

What’s rule number one for Ruth Iswariah, senior talent acquisition partner for World Vision? Check carefully for any grammar or spelling errors. And above all, remember that your CV is a marketing document, the purpose of which is to get you an interview, shared Maya Salomon, senior recruiter at The Asia Foundation.

Watch the video to find out what other global development recruiters shared — including a new trend one recruiters has noticed in the type, and number, of CVs she’s been receiving from candidates.  

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This article was last updated on 15 March 2018

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