Graduating soon? 6 things you should do now to get your job search off to a great start

Wth graduation just around the corner, have you thought about your next steps? Photo by: Marcel Schoenhardt / CC BY-SA

By the time graduation comes around in May, you might have been so busy studying for final exams and proofreading your thesis that you haven’t even thought about your next steps. So here are six things you should do now to prepare for your entry into the job market.

1. Get your CV in order

Particularly if it’s their first entry into the job market, many students do not have a well-crafted CV ready. Resumes used for campus jobs or internships aren’t likely to cut it when entering the competitive global development marketplace, so now is the time to make sure your hard-earned skills and experience are organized into a compelling CV that will help you score an interview.

About the author

  • Kate Warren

    Kate Warren is Executive Vice President and resident talent and careers guru at Devex. With 15 years of global development recruitment experience advising international NGOs, consulting firms, and donor agencies, she has a finger on the pulse of hiring trends across the industry and insider knowledge on what it takes to break in.