Happiness More than Wealth Spurs Charity, Says Study

    A man takes out several Australian dollar bills. According to a study, Australia is the world's most charitable country. Photo by: Martin Kingsley / CC BY Martin KingsleyCC BY

    Happier people are more likely to donate money to charitable causes than those who are wealthy, a study by the Charities Aid Foundation reveals.

    The study used a Gallup survey on the charitable behavior of people in 153 countries. It examined the relationship between giving and a nation’s GDP as well as between donating and the happiness of a country’s population.

    Australia and New Zealand led the countries in terms of generosity of their citizens.

    “Donating money to charity is something that is traditionally seen as being driven by how wealthy a person is. However, it is clear that happiness plays an important role in influencing whether people give,” said Richard Harrison, CAF director of research.  

    “The findings suggest a positive cycle where one person gives to charity, the charity improves the happiness of the individuals they support and they in turn are more likely to give,” he added.

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