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The global development job market remains as competitive as ever with shifts in funding and trends such as localization impacting the opportunities available for job seekers and professionals. To truly understand the employment landscape for the year ahead, Devex surveyed over 120 global development recruiters representing 28 countries and a range of organizations. Their predictions for hiring in 2017 included a demand for expertise in health and monitoring and evaluation, higher salaries for local hires, and a greater interest in professionals from nontraditional backgrounds.

In this exclusive Devex webinar, senior director and editor Kate Warren, our in-house expert on careers and recruiting, discusses how these hiring trends will impact global development professionals and their careers in the year ahead.

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  • Emma Smith

    For four years, Emma Smith covered careers and recruitment, among other topics, for Devex. She now freelances for Devex and has a special interest in mental health, immigration, and sexual and reproductive health. She holds a degree in journalism from Glasgow Caledonian University and a master’s in media and international conflict.