How can we achieve our target of MDG

      India had been the member of the United Nations from the beginning of its history. Though it had been a member but it failed to make the best of its membership leaving alone the prospects of development. It also did not took any benefit of its huge natural and human resources that it already had.After sitting in this prestigious position that every professional sort for, I was shocked to find a data that revealed that though the Government of our bordering countries of Nepal,Bangladesh and Pakistan did utilize their rights for sanctioning of funds allotted to the members of the UN, India did very little right from the beginning. Only about 40% of the fund thus allotted was utilized in the time of our late prime minister Mrs. Indira Gandhi, and still I remember that the that time opposition used to shout in the house of selling the motherland to the World Bank.But it isn’t the case, not at all, rather what little development we find today is the hard work of those days.It is a saddening factor that the real potential of the United Nations as a global body is still not known to our country, and no initiative either was taken for the same.It turns our responsibility for the society we belong to to do the needful for the benefit of our off-spring. The knowledge will surely grow with time, and at SCSPL we are taking every necessary steps to aware of the huge potentiality that the UN fund can generate.It should also be mentioned that not only the Government, but also the people of the country can even apply for the funds of the UN.There are wings in the UN which welcome corporate and semi-social endeavor along with the NGO association facility. If you want to see your off-spring happy and living within a healthy society, you should join hands in the developmental agendas of the global body, it is not a selling of self, rather it is partnering for Global Sustainability.