How to promote 'good growth' in a changing world

Agribusiness giant Syngenta seeks to empower up to 20 million smallholders around the world by enabling them to increase productivity by 50 percent in the next 20 years. Find out more in this guest column by Juan Gonzalez-Valero, head of public policy and sustainability at Syngenta.

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About the author

  • Juan Gonzalez-Valero

    Juan Gonzalez-Valero is head of public policy and sustainability at Syngenta, where he leads all operations related to integrating sustainability aspects into core business practices, like the Good Growth Plan. He previously directed Syngenta's efforts on risk assessment, sustainable use and stewardship, and corporate social responsibility. Before joining the company, Gonzalez-Valero was head of ecotoxicology at Novartis. He also served as a board member of several nonprofits.