How to showcase your skills-based volunteer experience

Amrika KC is a female community health volunteer from Salyan district in Nepal. Thanks in part to such awareness campaigns, Nepal’s maternal mortality rate has declined by almost half since 1990. Photo by: USAID Nepal / CC BY-NC-ND 

Skills-based volunteering can help you find and earn your dream job. While gaining the experience is the first step, it’s also vital to communicate it clearly on your resume or CV and professional profiles.

Before deciding how to list your experience, let’s first look at what volunteering tells employers — and their hiring managers — about you. It proves that you:

● Have grit and can deliver results
● Can take initiative and operate in ambiguity
● Have the ability and desire to make the people around you better
● Are a team player that can support key initiatives

Knowing that these are highly valued traits in employers, you can now make sure to demonstrate all of these while volunteering, and then highlight them on your resume.

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