How to win global development projects

By Liana Barcia 04 December 2015

With stiff competition for international development work, how can organizations increase their chances of winning more global development contracts and grants? Photo by: Jisc / CC BY-NC-ND

Funding agencies award billions of dollars in contracts each year to global development organizations and companies, but pursuing procurement opportunities is a tremendously challenging endeavor, especially for new and less experienced players.

What is already a demanding environment is growing all the more difficult to navigate. Bidding organizations are forced to deal with lengthy and burdensome procurement processes, complex and strict bidding requirements, and donor and sector-specific jargon. Meanwhile, as governments tighten their foreign aid budgets, donors are seeking more value and results for less money.

As competition intensifies, implementing organizations and suppliers must devise ways to stand out from the crowd. While there is no perfect formula for success, over the years Devex has detected a series of strategies and best practices organizations should adopt to increase their chances of winning more global development contracts and grants.

1. Know your core development service offerings and capabilities.

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Liana Barcia

Liana is a Manila-based reporter at Devex focusing on education, development finance and public-private partnerships and contributing a wide range of content featured in the Development Insider, Money Matters and Doing Good newsletters. She draws from her experience in business reporting and advertising to generate coverage that is engaging, insightful and relevant to the Devex community.

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