How to write a resume: Tips for seasoned aid workers

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Writing your resume is always tough, especially as you progress through your career and accumulate years and even decades of experience. In international development, this is made even harder by the fact that many careers take surprising twists and turns, cross sectors, countries and continents, and jump between staff and consulting positions.

Condensing the rich tapestry of an aid professional’s background into a few pages becomes a daunting task because every detail seems as important as the next. Regardless of your seniority, however, it is always best to limit your CV to three to five pages. Some employers will specifically ask for a shorter CV — check out these tips for senior professionals on how to write a two-page resume.

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  • Ioulia Fenton

    Ioulia Fenton advises job seekers on resume writing as part of the Devex CV Writing Service. She also blogs about international development career matters. Ioulia is a writer and editor who runs a prize winning international development blog, serves as assistant editor of the Global South Development Magazine and leads the online content for She has worked with the Institute of Advanced Development Studies in La Paz, Bolivia, interned with UNESCAP in Bangkok, Thailand, and is currently based in Guatemala.