How you may be reading job postings all wrong

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If you are an active job seeker, reading job ads and sending in applications is likely a routine part of your week. You see a job that looks interesting, submit an application, then wait to hear back. And maybe wait. And wait. When all you get in response is an automated “thank you for your application” message, it’s easy to get discouraged and think of your job applications all disappearing into the HR black hole.

In fact, the number one complaint I hear from job seekers is: After I submit an application, I never hear back.

When I talk with recruiters, their number one complaint is that they receive too many applications that do not match the qualifications clearly specified in the job ad.

A study recently done by TheLadders helps explain this disconnect. They asked a group of job seekers how long they read a job ad before applying. Some 44 percent of respondents said they spend one to five minutes and 19 percent said they spend up to 10 minutes reading a posting before deciding to apply.

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