ICT4D careers: The technologist, the strategist and the field-based consultant

By Brittney Dunkins 27 October 2015

Students of the Computer Sciences at Khowaja Institute of Information Technology in Hyderabad, India. What skill sets are essential for those interested in pursuing a career in ICT4D? Photo by: Visual News Associates / World Bank / CC BY-NC

The buzz over the swell of opportunities in information and communications technology for development hasn’t quieted — and those who are aware of technology trends have more opportunity than ever to build a unique career in global development.

With a tech transformation underway, now recent graduates and career transitioners alike are faced with navigating a career path in a continuously changing field.

Does working in ICT4D mean developing community FM radio stations in Senegal or assessing mobile phones use among Syrian refugees? Is it the Silicon Valley-cool of new-wave tech startups like Ushahidi, a crowdsourcing platform that mapped post-election violence in Kenya in 2008? Or is it adding a tech perspective to a large agency project?

ICT4D encompasses all of these things, according to Wayan Vota, a 20-year veteran of international development and co-creator of ICT4D Jobs, a web resource to find opportunities in the sector.

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