In building trust, self-awareness is key

In this Devex Hangout, Emily Braucher, founder and lead facilitator of ReFresh Intercultural Communication, shares her insights on trust-building with Devex Global Advisory and Analysis Director Pete Troilo.

Last week, cultural competence and leadership trainer Emily Braucher shared her insights on how international development leaders and project managers can build and sustain trust across their teams.

In the article, Braucher highlighted how building trust — often an overlooked and undervalued exercise — is essential to smoother implementation of development projects. She also identified two general types of people and noted how understanding each type’s approach to building trust is a crucial step toward avoiding miscommunication and misinterpretation.

Beyond understanding the differences and knowing which type you are, it is also important to have an awareness of the “predictable issues” that could pose as trust barriers between foundation and tool types, Brauchen shared in a Hangout with Pete Troilo, global advisory and analysis director at Devex.

Watch the video above to find out Brauchen’s suggestions on overcoming type differences, and why taking a step back and exercising creativity are essential trust building blocks as well.

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