Individual consultant CVs: Tips and tricks

By Eliza Villarino 20 December 2011

For an individual consultant with lots of experience, sometimes creating a readable and searchable CV can be tricky. One rule of thumb: include keywords from the job ad.

That’s what Daniel Head, senior international recruiter at DAI’s economic growth division, says in this excerpt from our one-hour webinar “How to Succeed as an International Development Consultant.” He was joined by colleagues in DAI Europe, Recruitment Manager Katie Levy and Associate Recruiter Sophie Montmey, both of whom also give tips on the ideal length and format of CVs for experts seeking consulting assignments.

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Eliza Villarino

Eliza Villarino currently manages one of today’s leading publications on humanitarian aid, global health and international development, the weekly GDB. At Devex, she has helped grow a global newsroom, with talented journalists from major development hubs such as Washington, D.C, London and Brussels. She regularly writes about innovations in global development.

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