'Inspiring women lead to inspiring girls'

A self-help group of women farmers in India. Photo by: alina / CC BY-NC

She Builds — our monthlong campaign on women and development — may be winding down, but the buzz around it remains strong.

On social media, more big names within and outside the aid industry have joined the conversation.

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Devex readers continue to share their own experiences and aspirations for empowering women worldwide.

Navita Srikant recalled the time she worked with women in a conflict area in Colombia. During one of those days, she said, a shooting prompted these women to pause for a couple of hours, but they were soon back to work and thinking about how to bring their artisan produce to local markets in Bogota.

"Nothing beats the human spirit of a #woman when #SheBuilds an environment to nurture family, community with almost no means or access to markets amidst bullets," Srikant wrote.

Inspired by our #SheBuilds coverage, a reader named Samantha wondered what she could do to more than "talk the talk" and instead "walk the walk" on advancing the cause.

"Is it fundraising? Is it staging a march? Is it writing to our congressmen and women? Give us ideas, give us tools, to move this to more than just a conversation," she said.

What tools do we all have to advance the cause of women and development? Join the conversation by leaving a comment below.

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