International consultants: Overpaid today, extinct tomorrow?

Devex interviewed industry insiders from all continents, and though perceptions of expat consultant bias varied, all reported the same trend: Even on a playing field tilted in their favor, consultants from the "global north" are steadily losing ground as capacity in middle-income countries grows.

About the author

  • Till Bruckner

    Till Bruckner is the founder of TranspariMED, an initiative that works to end evidence distortion in medicine, and manages advocacy for Transparify, an initiative promoting transparency and integrity in policy research. In his previous life, he worked in international development, occupying both field and research roles. Till is interested in the hidden power relationships that structure global politics and our everyday lives, and in finding new ways of using research and advocacy to make the world a better place. Till holds a Ph.D. in Politics from the University of Bristol, U.K.