International Development professional

    Experience as Team Leader, Project Manager, Co-ordinator &/or Senior Technical Expert with EU Funds Management under Structural Funds, Community Initiatives, Tacis / Phare & Pre-Accession Instruments (IPA) in Central, Southern & Eastern Europe. Consultancy in EU 27 member states, candidate & transition countries in multiple international donor-assisted projects. Provision of Project Management & Technical Assistance to Implementing Agencies, Programme Implementation & Aid Co-ordination Units. Economic & Social Development (Cross-Border Co-operation / Interreg / European Neighbourhood Partnership, Regional Development, Business & SME Support Services, Employment & Labour Markets). Procurement requirements for EU programmes & Grant Schemes implementation (PRAG), their Design & Management, Monitoring, Supervision, Evaluation, Information & Awareness Campaigns, Evaluation of Calls for Proposals. Project Cycle Management Trainer & Manager of training programmes & Monitor / Evaluator of EU & other donor funded support. Institutional Strengthening & Administrative Capacity Building, Decentralisation, Training & Advisory Services, Project Design & Preparation, Assessment & Appraisal, Monitoring & Evaluation, Economic & Financial Analysis, Impact Assessment, Assignment of Funds under EU Grant Schemes.