International development studies at Lund: What you need to know

Lumid students David Sigurthorsson and Raph Colella are talking to locals of Tuyen Quang province in Vietnam. Affiliated with IFAD Vietnam, the two assisted the implementation of an income-diversification project in 2007. Photo by: David Sigurthorsson

Lund University’s two-year master’s program in international development and management, or Lumid, is free of charge, incorporates field experience, and encourages students from developing countries to apply.

Even though the program has been running for only three years, it has already become one of the most attractive of its kind in Europe, according to Magnus Jirström, vice chairman of the Lumid steering group. In 2008 alone, the steering committee received 1,800 applications for 40 positions.

About the author

  • Sofia Palli

    Sofia Palli, a Devex fellow in the summer of 2008, has worked as a research associate for inter-governmental agencies (UNDP, IFAD) and NGOs in Indonesia, Vietnam and Greece. She served as an affiliated M.A. student at the Nordic Institute of Asian Studies, researching aid effectiveness. Sofia holds a bachelor’s in political science from National University of Athens and a master’s in international development and management from Lund University, Sweden. She is fluent in Greek and English and speaks French, German and Swedish.