Japan aid chief calls for support to China?s aid efforts

Japan aid chief Sadako Ogata appealed to developed countries to back up China?s aid assistance to Africa. “China is increasingly becoming a major player, and I think the major players have various rules and agreements of how to do things and gradually bring China into that process,” Ogata told a news conference, stressing that “what would be important would be to get into a little bit more consultation or information-sharing by all the donor countries to at least know what we’re doing with each other.” Ogata refused to criticize China?s initiative to double aid in Africa and offer $5 billion in loans and credits despite accusations of malicious motives to increase access to African oil and other resources. “China is also right now going through a modernization, a reorganization process,” she said. “In China there are genuine problems but genuine efforts as well. So I don’t believe in singling out anybody.” (Source: Japan?s Ogata seeks coordination as China boosts aid/Agence France-Presse)

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